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We are the leading ferment on premise facility in Southwestern Ontario.

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Our Specials!! 

We are a ferment on premise, what does that mean?

Well that means you get it started, and we do the hard work! 

We carry a variety of wines from all over the world to choose from. Your batch will consist of 30 (750ml) bottles. 

What are some of the perks to making your own batch with us? 

Cost! When you break down the cost per bottle, its dramatically cheaper than store bought. 

Less chemicals and additives! Our wines do not require the same amounts of sulphites for multiple reasons... Probably better explained by the wine guy (Dave) in person. 

Lastly, you can customize your wine how you like it. Sweetness levels can be adjusted to how you like.  Dry wine? Great! Tiny bit of sweetness? We've got you covered! Really sweet? Perfect! We wont judge!

​How long does it take from start to finish?

​5 weeks. With some of the higher end wines taking up to 8 weeks.

What do I need to get started?

The first step is to come in, setup an account and pick your wine. From there you have 5 weeks to collect any glass bottles you can find. However, we also sell new bottles at the time of bottling. So whether you want to reuse bottles or buy brand new, either way works with us!

Is bottling the wine hard or time consuming?

No!! It takes 30 minutes at the most. Here at Oriole Winery, we have designed our store so you can sip your wine in one hand, and cork with the other. 

We also guarantee delivery of your bottles to and from your car.