"There is absolutely no substitute for the best.  Good Wine cannot be made of inferior ingredients so we offer the best juice suppliers available. 

Once part of a large franchise "Wine Not" A family run and created operation. We have moved on to be a independent ferment on premise.

Carole and David took over the store in 2001 and have made plenty of changes since that time. Carole has moved behind the scene keeping Dave focused and doing the real hard work ...The Books

Daughter Samantha has come aboard to join the team. Yes listening to Dave all day can be a job in itself. Samantha's back ground as a red seal chef is a great asset to the store. Oriole Winery has a fully automated bottling system and Dave is always there for carry in and out of your bottles. Our relaxed and open atmosphere makes for an enjoyable experience. 

Our Story

Oriole Winery ltd